21.08.2001 (NEW ZEALAND)
My daughter Anna was diagnosed with scoliosis in February 2001.  We first noticed something was wrong when she constantly complained about a sore neck.  We also noticed a difference in the way she was walking.  Anna is 13 years old and was told by her specailist that she would eventually require surgery as she was too mature for a brace.  Her curvature was 43 degrees right thoracic curve and 24 degrees left lumbar. There was a noticeable increase in her curve after seeing the specailist.  At this point I had decided with Anna to try every alternative means possible.  The first place I came across was "Raindrop Therapy"  a kit especially designed for scoliosis.  I started using these oils once a week, giving Anna  back massages  which not only relaxed her muscles but also we were amazed at how the area where the curve in her back was, was the only area that went hot and angry looking. Hence, their theory that scoliosis could be a virus in the spine. At the same time I gave her the maximum dosage allowed for calcium and magnesium - (Calmax) and she also took homeopathy silica for normalising the bone and Rhus tox for the pain. Instantly we started to see results.  I decided to try Anna on bach flowers and EFT to help her emotionally to get through all of this in a positive manner.  She responded well.  I had heard of cranial/sacral therapy;, a gentle healing done by qualified practioners working on the spinal nervous system. We started this in March 2001 and continue to have it done once a week.   The results have been amazing. Her spine is basically straight again. Now its May 2002 we are maintaining her back with the Bowen Technique. They have a treatment specifically for Scoliosis.  It has really helped with the hump and the uneven shoulders, and is fantastic for the any pain. I haven't had another xray done on Annas back as she had so many previously, I don't want her exposed to that if its not necessary.  We are absolutely delighted in the results and needless to say we were pretty excited about passing this knowledge on to others.  I have created this website to help other families going through this.  I can remember the feeling of hopelessness after seeing the specailist until I found some alternative therapies on the internet. At once I felt both Anna and I had a part to play in this and we didn't have to stand on the side lines and watch it happen.  Very self-empowering. I wish you all the best. I understand not all of these therapies may work in every case of scoliosis, but it is definitely worth the try!

26.08.2001  (CANADA)
I would like to tell everyone about our story.  My daughter Sarah was diagnosed in May 2000 when she was 12 1/2 years old.  She started to have terrible migraines back in February, so debilitating that she was on the couch for a whole month, missed two weeks of school and luckily it was then March break.  The family doctor put her on migraine medicine after medicine, the strong ones for adults too, but no avail.  She had a Cat Scan, visited everyone possible, but no change.  I tried to get an appt. with Sick Kids hospital in Toronto but they told me it would be a six month wait, I was having no part of that so I showed up at their emergency room and we were in the next week.  Sick Kids told me Sarah was making it all up, had us all in tears and proceeded to tell us we should seek councelling.  We didn't know what to think.  I asked them at the time to check for scoliosis because it was in our family, I don't know why I asked them, they did and said there was no sign.  We went home and Sarah was popping tylenol and missing classes and everything was just miserable.  We started to go to a regular chiropractor and her headaches started to get better.  A month later I noticed a lump on her right shoulder blade, which I assumed was a pulled muscle from rowing.  I took her to our family doctor and she proceeded to tell me "Anyone with a little education can see that is scoliosis" needless to say we have never been back since.  The family doctor missed it, Sick Kids missed it and now we knew what was wrong.  We were back at Sick Kids where they proceeded to tell us that there was nothing they could do except monitor Sarah every three months, take an x-ray and watch it progress.  When it had progressed we would brace and then eventually need surgery.  We couldn't believe our ears at the coldness and short period of time we were seen.  Sarah's curve was 20/17 - she progressed to 24/17 and then we were told of NSA Network Spinal Analysis through a friend.  They were going for wellness and had mentioned to the NSA doctor about Sarah and he said he could definitely help her.  We were there right away and have been going now for 15 months.  Sarah's curves have gone down to 20/9 now and Sick Kids would like to know what we are doing.   I hope this helps just one person out there and that others can find other ways than bracing and surgery.  Good luck everyone.


07.09.2001  (USA)
Myself and my wife Robyn am massage therapist, I mention that because it is relevant in a number of ways. Meghan has never had any pain from her scoliosis and her only complaint is the fuss her parents have made about it. Our primary physician was an old Osteopath that suggested Meghan spent time hanging upside down every day when we asked him about the curve when she was seven or so. Wait and see, don't worry, was his advice. Robyn ordered the Raindrop oils and used them for a while but Meghan was not very cooperative with it or any other thing we did with her. I think she just wants us to be her parents and not her therapist. After our Osteopath retired (at 80+) we had x-rays done by a Chiropractor who said there was damage to the lower vertebra and nothing could be done. ( further study of that and other x-rays found no damage)
At ten the curve became noticeable to her teacher. And a referral to Shriners Hospital was offered by her husband ( a shriner ). We where told that there would be no cost to us and they would even help with travel and lodging if needed. By this time her x-rays showed a lumbar curve of 44 degrees and a thoracic curve of 55 degrees. Still Meghan never complained of pain. The idea of brace or surgery prompted a wider search. After viewing the surgery pictures on the web and reading the number of failed and long term problems that could be a result I took advantage of my Broadband connection and search engines. A date to go to Shriners was set and that served as a dead line to find other options. As I said before both myself and spouse are massage therapist and are familiar with many forms of bodywork. Nothing we new of had a track record of results with scoliosis although that did not stop us for trying them. We have associates that work with Cranial Sacral, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Touch for Health, Homeopathy, Oriental Massage and others. All of these had some benefit but no dramatic change in the curve.Shriners postponed us until Sept. That has moved up our deadline. In my search online I found an Australian Massage Therapist that had Published an Article on Scoliosis so I e-mailed him for
some advice. That is how I meet Peter Lelean and learned about the Bodyquake method. Peter asked to see the X-ray report and then surprised us by calling us at home a few days later. He said he would be in Toronto to work on someone and a side trip to Kansas City could be arranged. As therapist we have a number of clients that we felt would be responsive to Peter's work as well as fellow therapists and Chiropractors that would participate in a training. That is how the first International Bodyquake seminar came to happen. Peter arrived on a Friday and worked on Meghan and one Other child that evening. What we witnessed was a visible change in that first treatment. Meghan had two more treatments from Peter while he was in town and only the rotation of the rib cage was still visible. We have not yet had the follow up x-rays to measure the angles and are concerned that the curve could return. Peter assures us that  with swimming and walking the rotation will correct itself and that we can use the tools he taught us to maintain the change. We are not sure at this time if we will still go to Shriners or have X-rays done Locally to verify the change. I will let you know as more information is available.  

19.09.01 ( NZ )
When I was 6 years and starting school we had nurse  examine us . My mother got a note saying I had scoliosis and should see my doctor.  My mother took me along, he was a friend of the family.
He examined my back and then he lay on the carpet.  He said "This is what you need" and he bicycled his legs.  "Everyday you do that for 10 minutes. "
I am 84 years old and my back is still very straight.

Here is the link to my scoliosis story using Yoga.
(Arizona, USA)
I'm a 55 yr. old male who had a 50 degree scoliactic curve.  I was suffering from pain in my right SI joint, and the doctors I was seeing were no help in making a determination if the scoliosis was the cause of the pain and if surgery was appropriate.  I started looking for alternative treatments and I found Applied Kinesiology.  This is a very simple, pain-free treatment that is done by a chiropractor.  After my second visit, my chiropractor showed my wife how to do the treatment so she could treat me daily at home.After 3 months of treatment, my scoliactic curve was down to thirty degrees and my pain is slowly getting decreasing.  I highly recommend this treatment and if you would like to ask me qny questions, my e-mail is;
Kinesiology web site is: Luck

12.12.2002  (Singapore)

At the peak of our Dancesport career, we were probably one of the top Grade C Standard couples in Singapore, with a very promising Grade A Standard potential. However, I was plagued with health problems related to Scoliosis. Since the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis and was under treatment with a rigid Milwaukee body brace. It was a very ugly and uncomfortable structure from hip to neck and had to be worn for 23 hours a day till I was 18. The other option was surgery that would fuse my spine and leave me inflexible, thus ending any possibility of vigorous activity, like Dancesport. Surgery was not an option I was prepared to undergo, which had many potential, irreversible adverse side effects. That was one of the darkest points in my life; with being the brunt of jokes by fellow schoolmates were the norm.  By the time I was 18, I was pronounced stable and discharged from having to wear the brace and thus ended the 3 years of torment and torture. However, I was classified as medically unfit and hence was excused from Basic Military Training, which is compulsory for all eligible males in Singapore .Due to Scoliosis, my spine is not only curved, but also rotated. This basically means that the upper and lower body was off center, thus making positions like promenade really confusing for the lady, with the upper body pointing one direction, while the lower body pointed another different direction. Unfortunately, even though dancing helped maintain my posture, which reduced the symptoms for the past 20 years, as age caught up, my Scoliosis started to become worse. Backaches became more severe and frequent, and short practices left me with pain and breathless. At that time, I found a new treatment in the USA that could partially rectify my Scoliosis without surgery. Not wanting to face surgery, I eventually chose to undergo this treatment for my Scoliosis. Called the Copes method, treatment was extremely intensive, involving wearing a body brace for 18 hours a day, therapy, exercises, chiropractor sessions, supplements etc. Having to re-enact the previous torturous 3 year's body brace treatment during my teenage years and most likely having to endure taunting by immature people was my worst nightmare relived, but fortunately adults were much kinder than teenagers and my colleagues and sub-ordinates were very supportive. Many of our dancing friends were initially shocked but were very encouraging too. It was really painful and frustrating during the first few months of the Copes treatment. Our whole life revolved round my treatment and many times tempers flared. Two years went by and my condition became slightly better with treatment, though no way near being normal. Feeling a bit less depressed, we decided to start some dancing practice just for fun. Many practices later, we gradually got better, and in fact found that many of the steps (like promenade) that I had difficulty doing before, had become easier. We attributed that to the improved posture and de-rotation of my spine with the past 2 years of treatment. I'm really happy with this result and I thank my parents, wife, teachers and all our friends for all the support given during this difficult period. Even though we understand that my recent 2 years of Copes treatment might only last for the next decade and that I most probably will have to wear a retainer brace everyday for the rest of my life, my wife and I look forward to furthering our Dancesport career once again. To fellow dancers with the same condition; especially those I don't get to know personally, don't despair; there is life after Scoliosis!
Check out my forums at:
Robin Chee


My daughter Anna has a 55º thoracic curvature along with a slight  compensatinglumbar curve. Our lives have been turned upside down since Anna's idiopathic scoliosis was diagnosed 2 years ago. After seeing the consultant in the hospital, Anna was put on the waiting list for spinal fusion and fitted with a brace. I felt like I was living in a very bad dream and I didn't know what to do. I decided to try anything rather than opt for the operation-that would have to be a last resort. However much the doctor reassured me that they were very successful with the operation these days, I just couldn't bare the thought of my daughter going through such a traumatic operation and then living the rest of her life with an inflexible spine. So I reached out for help in every direction. I read every possible piece of information I could get my hands on and Anna began to have treatments of all kinds which included osteopathy, cranial sacral osteopathy and deep tissue massage. She also took up regular swimming and began Yoga classes. It was a very intense time and Anna sailed through it all, put ALL her confidence in me and wore her brace with pride.Two months before the due date for Anna's operation we went to see the consultant again. By this time Anna was taking her Yoga very seriously (thanks to a very supportive yoga teacher) and we'd given up on all the rest of the various treatments apart from a weekly massage from a sports injury therapist (whose view was to help to stimulate wasted muscle tissue in the back). Anna had changed a lot in this year and was taking responsibility for herself  and doing extremely well with her yoga. And when we saw the doctor and he measured her curve  it was exactly the same as it had been the year before, so I said that I would be happier to postpone the operation for now as I felt we were managing the situation well. I told him about Anna's yoga and he said that if it made her feel better all well and good but it wouldn't make any difference to her curvature! Now this is where I beg to differ. I know we have only had a limited experience with scoliosis but I truly feel that with any illness it is important to encourage people to take an active part in their own recovery process. Therefore   I feel that in not encouraging patients to move and exercise and keep flexible movement in their spines, the hospital services are letting us down. However ,the doctor then suggested that Anna tried some time without the brace. And gave us an appointment for 6 months time.Anna continued with her yoga and at the next check-up her curvature was still the same.Phew what a relief! I know that it is impossible to judge whether her back would have got worse with no exercise but the important thing is that Anna feels she is in control of her condition and is positively working towards good health. Her scoliosis has given her a gift, she has discovered the enormous benefits of yoga at a very young age. Her right shoulder still sticks out but you only notice it occasionally when she is tired and slouching! Otherwise she has learnt to stand very tall and straight and she is an elegant young lady and I am very proud of what she has achieved.   Pain as yet has never been a problem, although she used to suffer from chronic aches. Now she rarely complains of any aches but knows best how to relieve it if necessary.                
If any one would like to contact me I would be very willing to reply. Good luck to all of you going along the same path!
Sue Paulding

MARCH 2005
An brief update on Anna's condition. Last Summer Anna attended a one month course in Barcelona with Dr.Rigo who is a medical doctor who specialises in the spine. The course consisted of a consultation with
Dr.Rigo and then 4 hours of exercises every day with trained physiotherapists. It has really changed things and although Anna's scoliosis was the worse case there attending the course, Dr.Rigo encouraged Anna to believe that she could lead a normal life. She now has an exercise regime of half an hour every day which is different to the yoga she was doing. I feel Anna is more confident about herself now and she knows that she can
return each July  to attend part of the course. Personally I felt that Dr.Manuel Rigo really knows what he is talking about and that the exercise program based on Katerina Schroth's therapy is the most active and
positive way of dealing with scoliosis that I have come across.

12.11.2002 (Australia)
My name is sarah and I am 15 years old. I have a very bad case of scoliosis.It is so bad that my ribs stick out my back so you can see a major hump there. the hump is terrible! i cant wear tight tops and refuse to wear a t-shirt by itself because the hump is so noticable.I am getting chiropratic work done and I also have pilates classes.The pilates classes help to reform the muscle that surrounds the scoliosis. The chripractic work seems to be moving my spine into a straight line.. which is good.
I was wondering if there is anyone else out there in this world who has scoliosis with a hump in their back. if you do or know of someone who does please email me!
Sarah (Australia)
26.11.2002 (USA)
I am a scoliotic patient, and registered nurse, who has fought this disease for all of my life. 
I have been employed as an orthopedic scrub nurse, assisting doctors performed spinal surgery.  I knew surgery was not the answer for me.
My biggest complaint was the pain, and the disfigurement that this progressive disease was causing me.
I am now a patient of Scoliosis Treatment and Recovery System, I am wearing the Copes Brace, and am pain free. 
This treatment is very compliant, but is working for me.  I am now able to enjoy life and my daily activities have improved.
Did I mention, I am also a senior citizen, so I know spines will correct, curves can reverse and life can be better.   I am thankful for every degree of correction I get, I know I will not achieve what a younger person would.
Thank you for listening,

21.02.2003 (USA)
I was first diagnosed with scoliosis 5 years ago, due to a supposed leg length
discrepancy. My Doctor led me to believe that this shouldn't be a concern of mine, so it wasn't. Until recently, my back started hurting me. It hurt to sit, stand and walk for to long. I then took up yoga to try and ease the pain I was feeling all the time not knowing why I was feeling it. It never dawned on me that it was my scoliosis, since I was told it wasn't problem. In fact I completed forgot I had scoliosis at all. I then came across a woman in my yoga class that opened my eyes to how serious this disease is, and that I need to do something about it immediately. She was about 50 years old, with a severe case of scoliosis. She lifted her shirt and showed me and told me about the pain. I couldn't believe my eyes. She had told me that Doctors had pretty much given up on her
and this was her last resort. I feel so bad for her. She then said "I started out just like you at your age". My heart sank, and I broke out in tears. The thought of that being me and there wasn't a single thing I could do. I became so depressed. I then went and saw a orthopedic doctor who took x-rays and told me i had 14 degree curve on top and 17 degree curve on the bottom of my spine. And it was not due to my legs being uneven, but due to a pelvic tilt. He said it shouldn't be a problem for me. He also said it shouldn't be the reason for my pain. Basically, another Doctor did nothing yet again. I felt lost, cheated, ugly, and older then my age. You see, I already have medical problems. I
have epilepsy, and although it is under control and I am grateful for that, I didn't
and still don't know how to deal with another incurable disease. I finally
decided to take things in my own hands. I have taken up yoga again, pilates and I have a woman who is an amazing chiropractor, Dr. Bernstein, with a huge
heart. She helps me to feel physically better, and gives me hope. Before I walk
into yoga my hips are very uneven. When I walk out after two hours of stretching, and breathing my hips are practically even the way they were meant to be. After a few weeks of pilates I feel stronger and more stabilized. My chiropractor tells me the yoga stretches my muscles back to the normal way they should be. And her treatments and pilates will help to hold them in the correct position. I have 23
years of scoliosis and now i must retrain my muscles, but with dedication and
discipline maybe something wonderful could happen. I have never been a patient,
disciplined, dedicated person, but maybe learning these important traits that I have lacked, will be some good that comes from this disease. It has also taught me to love my body, which I have put down to no end since I can remember. I will and already do appreciate my life more. And although it is hard to accept this disease, I realize I may never stand perfectly straight.
But I will stand tall because I didn't lay down and let it consume me and
everything else I have to offer. I hope this inspires, and comforts all.
Sabrina Fernandes

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26.03.04 (ISRAEL)
My daughter Einav,13 1/2 yrs old was
diagnosed with Idiopathic Scoliosis in
January 2003 (19 degrees in Lumbar spine)
and a reccomendation for Physiotherapy
excersises.We started doing some Feldenkrais
lessons at home(I am a Feldenkrais
Practitioner)but not intensive and daily
work -as we should have !!! In September
2003 we started 'Schroth' Therapy (Named
after 'Katarina Schroth'-Germany)with a
wonderful Physiotherapist who also asked
for another x-ray. This time the curve(s)
were 33 degrees(lumbar)and 15 degrees
(compensating thoracic curve...)The
orthpedic doctor said "Scoliosis is a
disease, we are dealing with its results
because we do not know what causes it to
develop" and he 'sentenced' a brace for 23
hrs. a day...! We were shocked...but did not
accept his "verdict" and started a worldwide
search for information on alternative
treatments. This wonderful site helped us a
lot in building our confidence that we can
help Einav  and most importantly - Einav can
help herself! We consulted with leading
Practitioners and doctors of various methods
including -Feldenkrais,Rolfing,Body
Logic,Bio-Resonnance Therapy, Dr. Manuel
Rigo from Barcellona, Spain who is a
Specialist for the 'Schroth' Therapy . In my
web search I found information about research
done on the causes for scoliosis - one
assumption is that a bacteria or a virus or
abnormal hormonal activity cause the
misalignment of the spine. Since I firmly
believe in dealing with the internal causes
of any medical condition I knew that the
Bicom Therapy would support the exercise
program. At this stage Einav was working
intensively - one hour of practice every day
with the guidance of the Physiotherapist.She
was treated once a week  with the Bicom for
the Polio Virus - found to be present in her
body since the vaccinations of the first
year- infected her central nervous system ,
and we added the Raindrop Therapy- a once a
week massage with the special oils done by
my husband and myself. We added some food
supplements such as Royal Gel as well.
We are now 6 months later- The results of
the latest X-ray show that the spine is much
different - We have reduced the Lumbar curve
by 11 degrees... !
Einav's spine is responding well and we are
encouraged to continue working - The
Orthopedic doctor who saw the results said
we do not need the brace...We have to come
back for another check in 6 months time...
Anat Aviv Yeffet

In 1997 around my 11th birthday my mother noticed a slight hump on my right shoulder when I bent forwards. We consulted our GP who dismissed it saying that he had seen a lot worse and not to worry.
My mother consulted the Internet and thought maybe I had Marfan's syndrome - she persuaded our GP to refer me to Dr Child, who said I had not got Marfan's but scoliosis, which should be carefully monitored. It was not.
A year later and our local GP still would not believe that there was any urgency in my condition but mum went into action and we saw an orthopaedic surgeon. He said my Cobb angle was 34º and it was a case for immediate bracing. I wore a Boston brace for 2 years. He then
said I should discontinue wearing it since I had stopped growing and if there was any sign of deterioration to return. After a year mum said the hump was definitely bigger. She consulted back issues of Backbone and found a book of  exercises written by Susan Swire. I wrote to Susan and she told me about the Katharina Schroth Klinik in Germany which specializes in physiotherapy treatment for spinal disorders but mainly scoliosis. Unfortunately there is a 9-month waiting list for treatment at this huge German clinic. Through them we found  that not just Germany, but in many countries throughout the continent,  treatment based on the
Schroth system is given together with  bracing of a totally different type.
Before Dr Rigo accepted me as a patient I had to convince him that I am sufficiently self-motivated to not only overcome the language barrier but also to carry out his exercise regime for life.
When I entered his clinic I was filled with hope and optimism. Here was a man who was totally dedicated to the rehabilitation of Scoliotic patients. He cannot understand why Britain and America do not use the Katharina Schroth system. A lot of research has shown
that rehabilitation does work.
I feel that this method of treatment should be the new way forward for treating all Scoliosis, whether large or small and that for anybody who wishes to avoid the trauma of an operation it is certainly worthwhile to investigate this tried, tested and non-invasive form of Scoliotic treatment that has proved to work for myself and many others of all ages.
Many SAUK readers have contacted me wishing to know more about the treatment and from their response it is clear that there is great interest in this method. I was very pleased that our progressive editors have published an article by Dr Weiss, head of the Schroth Klinik in Germany (SAUK No. 68) and to read the success story by Geoffrey and Anna Walker. It underlines the fact that there are alternative methods of treatment and it is good to know that SAUK is helping to keep us informed.
I revisited Dr Rigo's clinic this summer for a check-up and adjustment to my exercise regime. During my  1st session of rehabilitacion treatment (Summer 2002) I halved my curve from 42 degrees to 21 degrees. When Dr Rigo re-measured me this Summer 2003 I was comfortably reassured to hear him say that my correction had been maintained and my hard work and diligence in doing the exercises had been repaid. (See My Website for photos to substantiate these measurements.)
I believe that I am living proof that the Katharina Schroth method works and is a viable alternative for people wishing to avoid an operation.
No curve is too big or too small and no person too old to be treated successfully with rehabilitacion. For example I met at the clinic a woman who had a very severe curvature and who had been told her scoliosis was beyond being treated with an operation. Prior to her
treatment with Dr Rigo she was unable to carry out simple day-to-day tasks, work or travel alone. Having received the treatment and by doing extensive exercises she is now able to lead a normal life, work, travel alone and is improving all the time. Last year I shared a class with a 28 yr old who had a severe lumbar curve and this improved noticeably after 4 weeks of intensive training. 18 adolescent girls and boys were also there for the 4-week course and they all showed significant improvement by the end of the course.
It must be emphasized that rehabilitacion requires discipline and self-motivation. There can be no lasting benefit without diligent regular practise. It can only help those who are prepared to help themselves. It was all very well my mother arranging to take me to the clinic but it would have been a complete waste of time, money and effort on everybody's part had I not put in my share of the work which involves getting up half an hour earlier to do my exercises.
No one can make you do this and no one can do it for you. It has to come from your own desire to succeed. I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in exploring alternative routes for treating scoliosis or who have success stories of their own.
Exercise Can & Does Help Scoliosis!!! - Part III
Living Proof
Having reduced my curve from 42 - 21 degrees and having maintained that improvement for 3 years now I believe at 18 years old I am living proof that rehabilitation based on
the Katharina Schroth method does work. My back is straight and strong. My own experience
and that of others proves that a personal exercise plan carried out regularly and conscientiously is a successful alternative to the operation. Indeed rehabilitation is the treatment of choice in
several European countries.
Dr Rigo has assured me that if I continue with my present exercise regime my curve will not increase and I will never need the operation. Following the publication of my first
article in Backbone no 67 I received so many emails that answering them
was interfering with school work so I decided that the answer was to build a website and
at the same time to incorporate details of various treatment methods
both conventional and alternative that have worked for others as well as FAQs about rehabilitation treatment. This has been a huge success I now receive 400 unique visitors
per month and frequently receive emails complimenting me on the comprehensive coverage of
Scoliosis on my site. However the downside is when I visited Dr Rigo last autumn he asked me to stop giving out details of his clinic because he simply cannot treat more patients.
As I walked down the Del Portal de L'Angel eating my sorbet that evening I felt so sorry for all those people who would not be able to have the treatment. Then I had an idea. I
would open a clinic in England to teach others the exercises based
on the Katharina Schroth
method! Back in the hotel later that evening I told my parents my plan and that I also want to eventually help people who are financially disadvantaged to have this treatment too. They were very enthusiastic and 100% behind me. Next day I shyly asked Dr Rigo what
he thought of the possibility of my opening a clinic like his in England. He told me that if anyone could do it successfully it was myself and with characteristic generosity he
promised to personally train the staff and give all the technical assistance and expertise

Erika Maude

PS. Big apologies for the length of this post, I just hope it helps other Scoliosis peeps out there who want to avoid the operation as much as I did!!!

04.05.2006   Yasmin

Hi I am 14 yrs old and I have been diagnosed
with scoliosis, we figure it out 2 months ago
in 2006 and I wear a back brace now.  I did
gymnastics for five years and now i can't
because of my condition.
If you need someone
to talk to about your experience.  PLease
email me. Thanks. Bye.

Thank you!
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Due to my scoliosis, I was having pain down my left side running down the inside of my leg to the foot. It got to the point even when I sat that once I got up I could not walk unless I stood still and let everything settle into place. There was a lot of pain associated with it.  Our son a professional musician had had similar problems with his arms and led us to Don Kipp and NER (Neuroenergetic Release®) who had helped him. He gave me two treatments and I was a totally a new person. I could walk with no pain, sit, and stand whatever I wanted.

We moved away and eight years later I started having similar problems. I thought it was my shoes at first, but it wasn't. I tried a series of stretching exercises including Chiropractic care for three years from once a month to once a week with no relief. Went to our family MD and he said it's something you are going to have to live with. My husband said lets try and find Don Kipp, he helped you before. It took sometime searching records to find him. We made a connection, then an appointment and a one hour treatment with Don Kipp and NER. I am now pain free once again, doing exercises, lifting weights, and doing dance videos. He says with a little maintenance I can stay this way.
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