Please note that the owner of this site and contributors will not accept the responsibility nor be held responsible for the use or mis-use of any or all of  the many techniques, procedures or therapies herein portrayed and related. Use your intuition and good sense when choosing alternative therapies, using an orthodox medical practioner where necessary.

The information set out in this site is in no way given by Medical Practioners unless otherwise specified.  It is supported by patients or parents with children with scoliosis who have tried and successfully addressed Scoliosis using alternative treatments.  They may not work for everyone, and discretion should be used at all times when choosing natural alternatives. Please ensure you are dealing with a qualified practitioner, preferably someone who has had experience and results using their therapy on Scoliosis.
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Alternative Treatments for Scoliosis
Welcome to the Alternative Treatments for Scoliosis.

This site was developed after finding my daughter had scoliosis. After trying several alternative therapies we found a big difference to the curve in her back.  Ten years later I am still grateful for all of the information that was available back then.  It was self empowering to try things outside the square and to challenge mainstream medicine.
How to Use this Site

Start with reading Scoliosis Treatments.  Here you will find other peoples stories and what worked for them.

Decide what feels right for you and your child.  Let your child use their own intuition and let them have a say in how you approach different therapies.

There will always be some things that work for you and not for another.  It will be a matter of trying different things to find out what works for you.

All of the therapies mentioned on this site have been tried successfully with my daughter.  They are safe, effective and can either be applied yourself (sometimes with training) or are normally available in most countries for a reasonably price.

To submit your success story using alternative treatments please fill in the form at "Your Story"
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