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also known as EFT or Tapping for Scoliosis
I heartily endorse EFT for emotional freedom, physical freedom and performance freedom. Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body's subtle energies, EFT has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases.

It applies to just about every problem you can name and it often works where nothing else will. This section is based on how EFT can help with Scoliosis.

You can learn all the basics
The Emotional Freedom Technique dvd "Try it on Everything"

Read on to see how EFT (emotional freedom technique)
can help you with Scoliosis.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for Scoliosis
Is based on impressive new discoveries involving the body's subtle energies,
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been clinically effective in thousands of cases for Trauma & Abuse,
Stress & Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Depression, Addictive Cravings, Children's Issues and hundreds of physical symptoms including headaches, body pains and breathing difficulties. Properly applied, over 80% achieve either noticeable improvement or complete cessation of the problem.

EFT is so easily applied.  You can do it on yourself or on others.  It is a fabulous tool for all sorts of situations.
Read on to learn the technique and to find out more how you can use EFT with Scoliosis:

Emotional Freedom Technique also known as EFT, involves tapping on meridian points on specific areas of the body whilst tuning into a problem.

It is an easy technique to apply and is easily learnt either by going through the instructions step by step or by watching videos that have been made by Gary Graig who not only shows you the EFT Technique and how to apply it but also the different ways EFT can be used.

Some of the aspects  that EFT could help with Scoliosis are:

After reading the instructions on how to apply Emotional Freedom to yourself or your child you could try the following sentences;

Even though my scoliosis is creating this back pain
Even though my spine is curving because of scoliosis
Even though my spine has .....degree angle
Even though I feel different because of my spine being curved
Even though the doctors tell me there is no cure for Scoliosis
Even though I have to wear a brace
Even though my brace makes me feel uncomfortable
Even though I am worried that my scoliosis is going to progress
Even though I am worried that I might have to have surgery

The list goes on.  The secret to EFT working is finding the aspect to the problem.  So you need to ask yourself questions like:

How does it feel to have Scoliosis?
When did I get Scoliosis?
How do I feel about my future with Scoliosis?
What are the symptoms of Scoliosis?

Everyone will have different answers, therefore it is important that you find what will work for you.  EFT is amazing.  Your life after using
and learning EFT will never be the same.  You will have so much more self empowerment.  There is no reason to feel fear, anxiety or
have pain when you know how to apply EFT. 

The best thing is that due to Gary Graig making it available to the world for free is just fantastic.  They do have videos for sale, but at a minimum cost and he doesn't mind you making several copies to give away.

Learn this fabulous tool today and change yours and the people around you forever.  Pass this knowledge on to as many people as you can.

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