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26.08.2001  (CANADA)  JANE & SARAH  saradave@lindsaycomp.on.ca

I would like to tell everyone about our story.  My daughter Sarah was diagnosed in May 2000 when she was 12 1/2 years old.  She started to have terrible migraines back in February, so debilitating that she was on the couch for a whole month, missed two weeks of school and luckily it was then March break.  The family doctor put her on migraine medicine after medicine, the strong ones for adults too, but no avail.  She had a Cat Scan, visited everyone possible, but no change.  I tried to get an appt. with Sick Kids hospital in Toronto but they told me it would be a six month wait, I was having no part of that so I showed up at their emergency room and we were in the next week.  Sick Kids told me Sarah was making it all up, had us all in tears and proceeded to tell us we should seek councelling.  We didn't know what to think.  I asked them at the time to check for scoliosis because it was in our family, I don't know why I asked them, they did and said there was no sign.  We went home and Sarah was popping tylenol and missing classes and everything was just miserable.  We started to go to a regular chiropractor and her headaches started to get better.  A month later I noticed a lump on her right shoulder blade, which I assumed was a pulled muscle from rowing.  I took her to our family doctor and she proceeded to tell me "Anyone with a little education can see that is scoliosis" needless to say we have never been back since.  The family doctor missed it, Sick Kids missed it and now we knew what was wrong.  We were back at Sick Kids where they proceeded to tell us that there was nothing they could do except monitor Sarah every three months, take an x-ray and watch it progress.  When it had progressed we would brace and then eventually need surgery.  We couldn't believe our ears at the coldness and short period of time we were seen.  Sarah's curve was 20/17 - she progressed to 24/17 and then we were told of NSA Network
Spinal Analysis through a friend.  They were going for wellness and had mentioned to the NSA doctor about Sarah and he said he could definitely help her.  We were there right away and have been going now for 15 months.  Sarah's curves have gone down to 20/9 now and Sick Kids would like to know what we are doing.   I hope this helps just one person out there and that others can find other ways than bracing and surgery.  Good luck everyone.
Alternative Treatments for Scoliosis